Review & Revision Editing Services

DEC offers you professional perfection whether you engage us for editing services, one-on-one English classes, global English for international business, corporate Business English training, or polished Website layouts.

While fees should not be the most important factor in determining which firm to engage for review and revision work or language consulting, DEC offers its services at affordable prices.

  • We offer exceptional review and revision services for corporate accounts by providing print-ready documents, brochures, advertisements, newsletters, mailings, press releases, reports, resumes, and more.
  • DEC edits and copy writes in-house needs and business promotions.
  • We help you create clear, concise, well-written information for Websites, making sure that the layout is organized and written in coherent paragraphs. In this way, you are assured of presenting clear and accurate Website information. With careful checking of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice, we eliminate errors for a polished Website.
  • Clients across the board express great satisfaction and appreciation for the overall improvements in grammar, punctuation, format, tone, and style. 
  • All review and revisions are exclusive and remain confidential on behalf of the client.
  • Global English review and revision is essential for international business; let DEC be your reliable U.S. American English service.
  • DEC can be counted on for writing and editing vital college admission essays.
  • Self-publishing writers can benefit from our extensive editing services.
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