Q. What defines Dearborn English Consulting?

A. DEC offers full service consulting for all your English language needs: English fluency for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners; standard written English; Business English skills for workplace success; and review and revision for all types of literature, i.e., advertising, promotions, newsletters, brochures, documents, reports, mailings, etc. Plus our Website check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, and tone allows for Website accuracy, which benefits your business. Improved communication cuts waste and improves your bottom line (profit).

Q. What experience do you have?

A. We share decades of providing language training, editing, and assisting others in the proper use of American English. Our satisfied clients include private individuals as well as corporate executive types and associates.

Q. How can your English services help me?

A. DEC can help anyone who needs English training or text improvement. Our professional English instruction and training lead to significant gains for the language learner. Following the initial needs analysis, a specific program is tailored to fit the needs of the individual or group. As for review and revision work, editing modifications result in clarity of voice and sharper communication of ideas applicable to advertisements, news releases, brochures, reports, and more.

Q. How would you describe your services over another?

A. Many such services are staffed by college students or freelancers. DEC is a full service group, which dedicates its full-time efforts to supporting language needs in order to achieve proficiency: written or spoken OR to provide print-ready editing.

Q. Given the cost of the service, what is the added value?

A. Our added value is reflected in both tangible and intangible ways. In a measurable way, your language errors will be minimized, thereby maximizing your communication efforts and your desired results. The power to communicate effectively translates to greater profits. Saving time and money is an added value. Intangible gains are evident by greater confidence and a wider comfort zone to be realized by the improved language user. As for our editing work, once again, communication is the key. Don’t put anything but your best foot forward: your Website and your published material tell who you are.

Q. How does it work?

A. For training services, on site classes are scheduled: X hours/X day(s)/week. Six-month evaluations provide benchmarks and recommendations. Classes target language needs. We encourage l) proper attention to the presentations/instruction, 2) additional personal study time, and 3) regular practice of English to achieve fluency and confidence.

 As for review and revision work, documents are thoroughly read, and revisions are made for the sake of clarity and effective communication: for example, active voice rather than passive voice, subject/verb agreement, word choice, verb tense and form, punctuation, and persuasive tone over mundane.  Revisions are emailed as attachments.

• Knowledge is Power ... Communication is the Key