Donna Dearborn established Dearborn English Consulting to provide English language skills training for fluency: spoken and written. Additionally, Ms. Dearborn has expanded her consulting business to encompass expert review and revision as an editing service.  All DEC associates are professionals in the field.

Since 1995, Donna Dearborn has been an educational/service provider specializing in English as a Second Language as well as a coach for updating English skills for native speakers.  Donna has earned the respect and appreciation from countless learners who have greatly benefited from her influence and training.

Reviewing and editing print is another specialty. Donna has designed brochures and edited for public institutions, corporations, and private individuals. Contact DEC to write and edit college admission letters and essays. We do all review and revision work to edit business proposals and resumes. Checking to see that Website layouts are organized and well-written is in demand. Count on Dearborn English Consulting for clear and accurately written information for your Web pages.  It takes experts with experience to review and revise in order to perfect Website usability. Currently, Donna is the editor of the soon to be published autobiography of Nancy Brodie Hayes. Dearborn English Consulting does editing and copywriting for articles, short stories, and books.

Ms. Dearborn’s association with the Jeng Academic Center is expected to take her to China to present Business English Sessions in Shanghai and Beijing. International businesses need American English review and revision work, being integral to today’s global English communication.

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