English Consulting for English Fluency and Editing

Dearborn English Consulting (DEC) is a twofold service provider:

  • We specialize in English proficiency training. Using proven methodologies, we assist individuals and corporate groups to achieve expected language competencies: spoken and written. We address the causes of miscommunication, which result from substandard use of English. We are committed to resolving your English issues.
  • Also, we provide professional editing. Meticulous document review and revision result in enhanced, perfected texts.

Who are we?

  • Being results oriented, Dearborn English Consulting tailors the solution to fit the need.
  • Our goal is to optimize your success, and effective communication is the key.
  • We have earned the loyalty and praise of those who rely on us for their specific objectives.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss our process.

Clients past and present of Dearborn English Consulting:

BAXTER BioScience (Thousand Oaks); Amgen, Inc. (Thousand Oaks); WellPoint, Inc. (Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, Camarillo); SmithJungerWellman Marketing and Advertising, Inc. (Venice); Kings Pointe Capital (Laguna Beach);Jeng Academic Center, Inc. (Thousand Oaks); Conejo Valley Adult Education (Thousand Oaks); Gabriel’s Gourmet (Westlake Village); Bree Hair Care (Westlake Village); Schlumberger, Inc. (Simi Valley); Diodes, Inc. (Westlake Village); Crosby’s Classics (Ojai).